The work shown on is exclusive to our website; you won’t find the same artwork in the offered dimensions on other online galleries or webstores.

By purchasing a piece through, you’re investing in the career of the artist, bringing daily inspiration into your life, and supporting the future of the arts! 


O R I G I N A L   A R T W O R K

An original work is a unique piece of hand drawn, painted or mixed media art, made and signed by Femke Colaris. Mediums typically include acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pencil or collage papers.

The handwork and therefore the natural nuances make the artwork a unique piece of art.


C E R T I F I C A T E   O F   A U T H E N T I C I T Y

To guarantee you are collecting an authentic work of art, each artwork will be shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity, which is personally signed by Femke Colaris. The Certificate includes all details of the artwork as well as edition series information. As a collector, it will be important to hold onto your Certificate, as it will help with the future value of the work adding provenance and context around your acquisition of the piece.



If there is an original work that you love that is no longer available for sale, please contact us and we can discuss a special commission for a new original work. We’ll also gladly help facilitate the payment processing, and shipping to bring the work into your home.


L I M I T E D   E D I T I O N   P R I N T

A limited edition is a fixed number of identical prints. The artist directly oversees production and sets the edition size. Unfortunately, when an edition is sold out, it is no longer available. A Limited edition print has more value than an open edition print because the availability and scarcity of each work is controlled.


O P E N   E D I T I O N   P R I N T

Open edition prints may be endlessly reproduced. An open edition print is often priced lower and valued lower than a limited edition print because there is an unlimited amount of availability.


H O W   A R E   O U R   P R I N T S   M A D E 

All the details of each print are listed on the individual pages for each artwork. For our limited edition prints, we use digital processes such as digital inkjet and c-prints. All prints are printed on high quality, acid free Fine Art paper.


O U T   O F   S T O C K

When pieces are out of stock, they are no longer available for sale and will not be restocked in the same dimensions as they already have been sold. Get it before it's gone!


F R A M I N G    

Unfortunately we do not offer framing.


I N T E R N A T I O N A L   T A X E S   &   D U T I E S

If you order from a country outside the EU, and the order arrives in your country, local guidelines apply and your order may be subject to country taxes and local duties. These taxes and duties are not included in your purchase price and are the responsibility of the customer. Please note that this could involve some delay of the consignment, as the goods are retained by the customs. However, if applicable, we will support with any communication of information with customs as necessary. Please refer to your local postal service for rates of expected duties and taxes.


I N T E R N A T I O N A L   O R D E R S

We are happy to ship worldwide. To allow us to serve you at the best, please complete the shipping form upon checkout and try to be as detailed as possible, including a phone number, which is always helpful for international orders.


S H I P P I N G   C O S T S

Shipping rates are calculated by the size of the package. All delivery rates are flat, meaning you can buy as many artworks as you want and we still charge you the same as for shipping one artwork. We charge € 4.90 for Germany, € 9.90 for European Union and € 12.90 for the rest of the world. For more detailed information about shipping, please visit 'shipping & returns'.


P . O   B O X E S

We are unable to ship to P.O Boxes for liability and insurance reasons. Please provide your full daytime delivery address as well as a contact phone number to ensure smooth delivery. 


S H I P P I N G   T I M E

We ship your package as fast as we can (Monday to Friday), within 48 hours after ordering. Delivery time may vary from where you live. Usually delivery takes;


Germany:  1 - 3 working days, after shipping

Europe: 2 - 7 working days, after shipping

Worldwide: 5 - 14 working days, after shipping


We can’t guarantee specific shipment dates until an order has been placed and we cannot take responsibility for delays out or our control such as customs delays etc. As soon as your order has been shipped, you will receive an email. You can always contact us if you have any questions regarding your shipment.


C H A N G E   S H I P P I N G   A D D R E S S

Once your order has been shipped, we are unable to redirect it. Once the package is marked as 'delivered' by carrier, we are not responsible for the package. Please ensure the correct address is entered at time of order.


L O S T   P A C K A G E 

If your package is lost in transit, please send us an email as soon as possible and we will try our best to resolve the issue. If the item has not been marked delivered and hasn't arrived within 30 days, we will replace your order free of charge (Germany and European Union only). For International orders, please contact your local postal service for information on how to file a claim as we are unable to replace lost packages from international orders. Please note that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items once declared 'Delivered' by the delivery service.


R E T U R N   A N   O R D E R

We are dedicated to provide you with accurate descriptions and visuals of the artwork featured on our website. However, if the artwork is not what you’ve expected, please contact us by email. For more information regarding our return policy, please visit “shipping and returns”.


P A Y M E N T   F O R M S


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Payment in advance:

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All images used on the website are the sole property and copyright of Femke Colaris and cannot be used for personal logo design or reproduction outside of Femke Colaris. All illustrations (custom and template) are copyright 'Femke Colaris' and may not be reused without permission.


All prints, drawings and paintings are protected by the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property and belong to Femke Colaris. Do not to infringe the intellectual property rights relating to such elements and in particular to reproduce, display, modify, adapt, translate, extract and / or reuse a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part, to the excluding acts necessary for their normal and according to specifications.


Femke Colaris owns her work reproduction rights. Any reproduction thereof is prohibited and constitutes an infringement to its detriment. Any full or partial reproduction of a work of Femke Colaris is strictly prohibited and may constitute unlawful reproduction of a work is liable to be prosecuted for counterfeiting by the right holder in the work, cf. L.335-2 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property.


The sale of a work does not transfer to its owner the right to reproduction and presentation of the work. No right of exploitation and particularly any commercial use of the rights granted under Article 9 of the Intellectual Property shall be considered as reserved to Femke Colaris. Any license a third party will be subject to prior negotiation and agreement with Femke Colaris.